• Lindsey O'Neill MA, CCC-SLP

Play-Based Articulation Carryover at Home

Young children learn through play. Children who are learning how to accurately produce speech sounds benefit from practice beyond the walls of a speech-language therapy clinic. Parents and caregivers can help children at home by simply playing with purpose!

Today, I will share some of my favorite play-based activities you can try at home. First, find something your child enjoys. If a child is engaged and excited, learning will be more memorable. I have my preferred tools in my SLP toolbox, but feel free to be creative and follow your child's lead.

Alas, here are a few of my favorite activities:

1. Bubbles!

I love using bubbles in therapy. I found this adorable bubble blower at Dollar Tree (what a steal!). When working on decreasing final consonant deletion in young children, you can practice saying "pop", as you try to pop the bubbles, or have the child say "on" to turn the toy on, "up" or "down" to describe where they want the bubbles to go!

2. Building Blocks!

There are endless opportunities for language learning and articulation practice when playing with blocks. If we continue with the example of working on decreasing final consonant deletion, you could model words and phrases such as "on top", "go up", "fall down", "keep going up", "on bottom", "put on", "take off", etc.

3. Books!

Read aloud to your child and ask him or her to listen for their speech sound. Every time they hear their sound, ask them to raise their hand or do something silly like touch their nose. Did you know that just by modeling correct speech sound production, you are helping your child gain awareness of how certain words "should" sound?

There you have it-a few simple ideas for articulation carryover at home. Use what you have and most of all, just have fun!

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